Features of Organic Farming

Many people now are moving towards organic farming to produce healthier food. Organic farming means the process of growing crops without using any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or bioengineered genes, or GMOs. That way you get all the vitamins and minerals present in the crop.

Pesticides, fertilizers, and other things in farming can be harmful to health.

Food grown from organic farming has no side effects, so people prefer it. You will find supermarkets now have a separate section for organic food. Here are the features of organic farming that you should know.

Poultry and livestock

Poultry and livestock are produced naturally. They are allowed to grow in their natural habitat without using any hormone changing medicines or antibiotics to make them grow faster. They are given organic feed. Livestock can be used to plough, and their waste is recycled and used as fertilizer.

Poultry and livestock are given a balanced diet and are provided with hygienic housing. Steps are taken to reduce any stress on them, as a result, you will get healthy poultry and livestock. They are allowed to go outdoors to relax. These steps help to prevent diseases.

Crop production

Crops are grown without applying any synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Weeds are allowed to grow naturally and they are controlled through crop rotation, mulching, and other natural means. Natural pesticides are used to get rid of insects like birds or insect traps.

Soil management

You should manage the soil properly so that the crops that are grown there get all the useful nutrients. Compost and green manure are used in the soil to keep it in good condition. No artificial ingredients are added. Crops grown in this soil will be very healthy.

People now suffer from various diseases due to bad food choices. Many food producers run after money and use unethical means to raise livestock or poultry and produce crops. However, this type of farming is harmful to health as people do not get sufficient nutrients from food. So, everyone should move towards organic farming.

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